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      Our Carousel ride, also known as Gallopers are regarded as one of the best sets in the country and are one of the only completely wooden sets of Gallopers still in existence. Known as Noyce's Golden Gallopers, this ride is available for hire:-

•   Corporate Events;
•   Exhibitions;
•   TV & film work;
•   Private Hire;
•   Shows;
•   Carnivals & fetes;
•   Wedding celebrations;
•   Steam Rallies and Preservation Events.

      Built by Savages of Kings Lynn in 1884. The roundabout was restored to highest of standards by the late James Noyce in the early 1950's. The carousel was then travelled throughout the 80's & 90's to many of the country's major fairs by James Noyce's two sons, Jimmy and Tommy Noyce.

     Today the ride is now owned by Joseph & Narvenka Noyce (nee Shaw). We still maintain the carousel to the high standards set by Joseph's grandfather. You can ride on the magnificent hand carved horses that have been hand painted to enhance the gold leaf. The music is provided by an 89 Gavioli mechanical organ, built in the 19th century. It still plays melodies to entertain the public from the centre of the carousel.

      All our rides are tested annually by an ADIPS approved engineer with daily checks carried out. We operate in accordance with the HSG175 standard for safe practice at fairground and amusements parks. We also have 10 million public liability insurance.

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J. Mills

O for a ride on a proud golden horse
With a gallant young man (for fair maiden of course),
And the organ shall play your favourite air
With a gallop around with never a care.

With carvings a-gilded and lights a-blaze
With mirrors all gleaming, you stand there amazed
And the twisted brass glints as it whirls gaily past
You may well look in wonder - 'tis one of the last.

Victoria was queen when it first saw the light
And at both of her Jubilees it gave great delight.
Prince Edward of Wales, Alexandra his bride
Are carved on the panels that grace the inside.

The carved rounding boards in lettering choice
Proudly proclaim in belongs to Jim Noyce,
Whose work in restoring this grand old ride
Was a labour of love, and his personal pride.

So mount the steps to your favourite steed
(For Jodhpurs or breeches, there's really no need),
Whatever your habit, side straddle, astride,
You'll find this an easy and elegant ride

Bellerophon on the wing'd Pegasus striding
Alexander the Great, on Bucephalus riding,
You may fancy yourself as either of these
Or some famous jockey, just as you please.

With the compliments of

James Noyce and Sons

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