Loughborough Pleasure Fair is the last traditional fair held on the showmen's calendar. A fair is Chartered to be held in the centre of the large Leicestershire University town commencing the second Thursday of November. In recent years the fair has begun on the previous Wednesday evening. On 2019 dates were held on its latest possible the 13th to 16th. Taking you on a tour around the fair which saw several changes to the line-up.

Beginning with Swan Street.

Brogan Connell's Helter Skelter Slip.

Brandon Connell's Jumbo Circus Fun House.

John Wheatley's Train Ride for youngsters.

John Wheatley's Spooky Tower Haunted House.

Leads to the Market Place pedestrianised area.

George Brett's Over the Falls Booster on first appearance.

Dane Crow's Exciter returns for second year.

Billy Crow's King Frog Jump & Smile.

William Wood's Circuit Ride.

Colin Pawley's Animal Kingdom Pick.

John Proctor's Dodgems.

Laurie Crick's Balloon Ride.

Dane Crow's Toyset.

William Percival's Waltzer.

David Pidgley Jnr on first apperance with his kiosk.

Gilbert Chadwick Jnr's Ghost Train.

Stanley Reeves Jnr's Extreme Top Scan.

Turn right and head west along Market Street with amusements on the Southern side this year. They alternate sides every year.

CPR Amusements's Helter Skelter Slip.

Harry Furborough's Formula 1.

Bobbie-Jo Graham's Train Ride and Mini-Wheel.

Jorden Crole's Rotor.

Edward Furborough's American Circus Fun House.

Stewart Ashley Robinson's Star Flyer on first appearance.

John Holland's Insomnia Miami.

Charles Gooch's Race-O-Rama (ex-John Whiting).

Returning back to end of Market Place, the Devonshire Square section commences.

John-James Graham's Archery on first visit.

John Richardson's Ball-in-a-Bucket game.

Michael Harris's Race-O-Rama.

Freddie Stokes' Jumbo Circus Fun House.

Steven Hill's Miami Trip 3 Miami slightly relocated.

Steven Hill's Toyset on debut alongside.

David Wallis's Ice Maze.

William Roberts' Music Tagada returned to replace David Wallis Jnr's Gallopers.

William Roberts' Megaspin on first appearance in new ownership.

Keith Stanworth's Sizzler Twist minded by son-in-law David Wallis Jnr.

Lawrence Bishton's Steam Gallopers.

Lawrence Bishton's Brooklyn Cakewalk.

Opposite stood William Henry Jones' mini-Wheel.

John Wesseldine's Sleigh Ride nearby.

Stephen Holland's traditional Shooter was also located in this area.

Turn right by Bishton's Gallopers and head to Granby Street Car Park where this section of amusments was provided by James Mellors Amusements.

Mitchell Barker's Speedway Superbob.

Henry James Evans's No.1 Tagada.

Stanley Reeves Jnr's Atmosfear Loop Fighter.

Jan de-Koning's Vue Wheel Giant Wheel on debut.

Grace Bunn's Shooter other side of the Wheel.

Brandon Weston's Venturer Simulator located just outside car park in Granby Street itself.

Victor Gray's Race-O-Rama.

Finally newcomer Junior Clarke's Mad House Fun House.

Return back to where Bishton's Cake Walk stood brings punters to Ward's End section.

Brandon Weston's Mini-Waltzer.

Ashley Wood's Miami relocated to James Bond's former arcade position.

Ward's End leads to the Bedford Square area which saw many changes this year.

David Cox's Eurostar Dodgems in place of Alex Holland.

Samantha Holland's Sizzler Twist replacing brother Bertie Holland's Waltzer absent for the first time in 40 years.

John Silcock's Freak Out.

John Walter Shaw Amusements' Fighter Extreme on debut.

Joey Wilson's Shooter positioned not far away.

Albert Barker's El Matador Rodeo facing the currently closed Blacksmiths Pub.

Finally New Street is an offshoot from Ward's End the smallest section of the fair.

S&D Leisure's Reverse Bungee replacing Raymond Armstrong's Paratrooper.

Andrew Robinson's Crazy Pyramids Fun House.

Raymond Armstrong's Formula.


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