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Oxford St Giles Fair is Feast Fair named after St Giles' Church. The date rule is for the fair to take place on the Monday & Tuesday following the first Sunday after St Giles' Day 1st September. On 2019 dates were held on its latest possible the 9th and 10th. Part One is selection of attractions arriving at the first large Chartered fair of the Autumn back-end calendar.

The following rides & shows were captured early Sunday morning for the fair's pull-on.

William Robert Wilson's Booster on one two of Bob Wilson's Funfairs adjacent positions.

John Graham's Arcade.

Katie-Louise Noyce's Fun House.

Wilson's Amusements this year presented Ashley Rogers' Matterhorn which was a new ride this year.

Michael Phillips brought back one of the rides which appeared in 2016, Michael Houghton's Superstar.

Marshall Nichols' Dodgem returns after a year's absence.

William Sheldon's Twister, refurbished by PWS since last year.

Local showman Phil West's Miami.

Paul Nichols' Waltzer.

Having attended in 2011, William Robert Wilson's Miami returned to one of Bob Wilson's Funfairs positions in Woodstock Road.

John Brixton's Meteorite.

Wilson's Amusements Extreme & Dance & Smile.

Local showman Billy Hebborn's Waltzer.

Local showman Robin Woodford's Gallopers.

Dorinda Holland & Son's Ignition Dodgem.

Joel Bunn's Tagada appearing again on Jimmy Hatwell's position.

Steven Hill's Miami.

Gilbert Chadwick Jnr's Ghost Train.

Charlton Harris' Fun House.

Back to the western site Gilbert Chadwick Snr's Fun House.

John Holdsworth's popular Crazy Bulls on the other of Bob Wilson's Funfairs positions in Woodstock Road.

Arthur Price Jnr's Lighthouse Slip to stand at top of St Giles.

Shady Scarrott's Fun House at the junction with Pusey Street.

Paul Owles' Hells Gate 2 Haunted House.

Robert Summers' Fun House in Woodstock Road.

Finally Harvey Green's Big Wheel to take up its usual spot alongside the Gallopers.


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