Following the 50th event which presented some controversial moments, the magic was back for the 51st year.
The fair itself was also much better with gaps in the layout filled with attractions.

First row of rides only saw a slight alteration.

Mike Rule's Lighthouse Slip made a welcome return.

Howard Bros Gallopers.

Jimmy Bowry's Skid was again the most popular ride on the row.

Stephen Holland's Cake-Walk.

The Saunders Collection Steam Yachts were absent this year so next came the Harris Bros Chair-O-Planes.

David Downs' steam-driven Gallopers.

Edward Howard's Big Wheel.

Charles Lock's Square Slip moved to the vacant position.

Following several years of gaps and the lack of big hitters, the modern fairground was at its strongest since the date switch in 2019.

Most noticeable the return of a full-size Spinning Coaster in Ryan Crow's Magic Mouse. The coaster was last present in 2002 with James Mellors.

A change in Giant Wheel saw the return of The Giant Wheel Company with its No 1 Lamberink 33 metre high Vue Wheel.

A fresh Star Flyer in the shape of David Rowland Jnr's Mission Space the tallest to appear here.

Facing the Star Flyer was David Jnr's Extreme on its third appearance.

Shaun Rogers' Freddy's Revenge was the third Matterhorn to appear in as many years.

Shaun also opened his Stargate for the second year running.

On a new machine position was James Evans' recently acquired Twister.

From the Evans family also came the Booster, Freak Out and Garry Jnr's Dodgem.

Stacey Squires was on first visit with his Round-Up possibly the first Ward-built machine to appear here.

Also built by Ward's is John Evans Jnr's Superstar on third visit.

Nearby stood the Tagada of Evans Bros (John Snr & Guy).

John Wesseldine's Toboggan Coaster was back having missed last year.

The only change in the side shows was Dallas Freeman's Fun House replacing Brandon Connell's similar model.

Brandon Connell's Runaway Train Coaster - one of several rides for all the family.

The rest of the major attractions included Charles Cole's Dodgem & Miami...

John Coneley Jnr's Waltzer...

John Searle's Jumper...

Sheldon Lock's popular Crazy Bulls...

James Stokes' Over the Top...

Wayne Smart's Rock 'N' Roll...

Jorden Crole's Rotor...

Ghost Trains from Jason Mayne and Ross Larby respectively...

Fun Houses from Robert Russett and Allan Heal respectively...

and Ross Larby's Mirror Maze positioned to the side of his Ghost Train.

Elsewhere around the showground.

On Real Ale Way a fresh Reverse Bungee appeared with Leigh Harris on first visit.

A noval side show was Professor Smith's Museum of Curiosities owned by Thomas Smith.

Charlton Harris was on first visit with his Fun House and games.

The Circus Of Horrors were again performing in Joby Carter's Freak Show.

Ken Fox's Wall Of Death returned for its annual visit.

Tracey Mayne's redecorated Fun House was repositioned along Real Ale Way.

After making its debut last year Robert Russett's Ghost Train stood nearby.

Other major attractions included Jordan & Billy Mitchell's Waltzer...

Robert Chipperfield's Dodgem...

Perrin Matthews' Booster opposite the music stage...

Andrew Robinson's Fun House...

Kevin Gamlin's vintage Arcade.

modern Arcades from John Graham Jnr, Victor Graham Jnr and Adrian Herbert respectively...

Junior Harris' Square Slip (once again located along Main Avenue)...

Ricky Smith Snr's Fun House just off Main Avenue...

...and finally Jimmy Crole's Fun House located in Showground B.


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