Fair-Pix takes you on a tour of the largest early season fair of the season, Leeds Great Valentines Fair. Now in it's 28th year this fair started its early life in the 1990's taking over several sites in the city centre before moving to its current home adjacent to Leeds United Football Club in Elland Road in the early part of the new Millennium.

A detailed look at the 2019 fair.

The entrance to the fair where punters pay 1.

Charles Holden's Gallopers.

John Noyce's Giant Wheel back for a fourth year having first opened here in 2016.

Curtis Eddy's Fun House.

Curtis Eddy's Apple Coaster.

John Graham's ex-Roger Tuby Arcade.

Stewart Robinson's Dodgem with new fleet of cars.

Facing the Dodgem was Stewart Robinson's Sizzler Twist with a new crown decorated by LED screens.

Roger Tuby's Miami.

Stewart Ashley Robinson's Waltzer at the fair for ths first time with its new front.

Roger Tuby's Jumper on central position.

Roger Tuby's Freak Out which first appeared here 10 years ago.

Reece Robinson's Tagada popular as ever.

James Robinson's Matterhorn.

Michael Gallagher's Astrojets one the larger juvenile rides.

Carousel Fun Fair's Star Flyer returns for a second year.

Richard Smith's Paratrooper in usual position.

Braiden Tuby's Ghost Train returns for second year.

Alongside was Graham Sedgwick's Super Spin.

Facing them Maxwell Gallagher's Monster Trucks a new ride for the kids.

Alongside on usual spot, Fred Miller's Square Slip.

Back to outer row, Andrew Harniess' Sea Storm.

Next to Sea Storm for third year running, Mitchell Wilmot's Extreme.

Facing this was Victor Gray's Race-O-Rama.

At the far end in central position was Andrew Harniess' Dumbos.

Looking down the fair was Joe William Whitelegg's Top Scan returning for a third year.

Alongside on first appearance was Cy Abbott with his Superbob.

Andrew Robinson's Fun House commenced the major attractions positioned adjacent to the stadium.

Elliot Crow's Booster back for a second year on the position occupied in 2017 by Michael Wallis' machine.

Evan Moran's much improved Superbowl was next machine to be found.

Alongside was Giant Attractions' Take Off.

Second Family Coaster was from Jay Dean Storey.

One of several larger games on offer from John Richardson.

Richard Smith's Fun House.

Providing both alcoholic and light drinks was S & D Leisure's Moose Mobile Bar.

Alongside the bar was Gilbert Chadwick Jnr's Ghost Train.

Barry Turvill's Giant Slide.

Michael Waddington's Stalls.

Finally new for 2019 was a live entertainment stage.


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